Effective: October 3rd, 2017
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Before you join should you have to read and then adhere to the policies set forth in this site. As for the policies we make are as follows:
1. forbidden to upload a file or writing pornographic content
2. Prohibited upload files or write racist content
3. Prohibited upload files or writing offensive content or make fun of a religion
4. It is not recommended to upload a file or write the same content in large numbers
5. It is prohibited to cheat or abuse the bug to damage the site, if there is a bug please report it to us so we immediately fix
6. It is not recommended to register with many accounts
7. prohibited upload copyrighted content
8. Do not try to remove footer Ads
9. Do not try to invalid click on Ads
10. We do not Allow Adult site.
11. Phishing site not allowed.
12. We may present additional terms when you use certain portions or features of the Site. Unless set forth otherwise in those additional terms, those additional terms are a part of these Terms and, if there is a conflict between the additional terms and the most current version of these Term posted on the Site, the additional terms will govern.
If there is any user who violates we will not hesitate to suspend the account while even brought the members of our site.