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Rasheeda Frost Shows Off Gorgeous Apparel From Pressed Boutique

Rasheeda Frost is assuming off some amazing apparel from her Pr4essed Boutique. Check them out here. Someone asked her: ‘How abounding accoutrements do u own????❤️’ and a commenter said: ‘Need the dejected got some Bottega cat-and-mouse for it 😍’ RELATED: Rasheeda Frost Impresses With Her date Night Attending – See The Video A fan acquaint this: ‘It’s the beard cast for me lol but these dresses are my appearance ❤️’, and a addict said: ‘Pretty dresses from your boutique how do we order? My sister adulation admirable bright dresses.👗’ A commenter acquaint this: ‘Can we get a PRESS-SURE for the big girls sheeda?🙏🏾’ and one added addict said: ‘I adulation you!!! Always in a Boss adult spirit, while not giving any F#€¥s naturally! 🙌’ RELATED: Rasheeda And Kirk Frost Will Throw An Amazing New Year’s Eve Party At The Frost Bistro – Find Out The Details Someone abroad said: ‘Stop giving me activity 🥰’, and one commenter acquaint this: ‘So pretty… I ambition I was taller to area dresses like these 😢’ A fan said: ‘Love all of the dresses!🔥❤️@rasheeda.’ In added news, Rasheeda Frost   is assuming off a new look. Check out the column that she alone on amusing media. ‘Y’all asked soooo beard deets are…… Loose beachcomber clips in wanded !! Yeap that’s it beard from @diamonddynastyvirginhair adulation this attending so accessible to maintain!’ Rasheeda said. Also, Rasheeda  is additionally celebrating   Tiny Harris    ‘ birthday. She additionally fabricated abiding to bead a bulletin and a column on her amusing media annual in which she is appearance the event. Check out the column below. ‘Go shawty it’s ya Altogether 🥳🍾🎉🎊 Happy Altogether to my boo @majorgirl adore beautiful!!! Wishing you abounding more!!!’ Rasheeda posted.