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Erica Mena’s Admirers Show Abutment Following Safaree Breakup – See The Video

Erica Mena addressed what has happened in her activity afresh and admirers and followers are assuming adulation and support. Check out the column below. As The Shade Room noted, ‘got affecting while on live, adage she took an “L.” However, her accompany aerial her & showered her with adulation .’ RELATED: Erica Mena Shares A Controversial Message And Admirers React – She Slams Safaree One addict said: ‘She has to booty some buying too, but she’s right. No one deserves that akin of humiliation,’ and addition commenter acquaint this: ‘She’s a able woman. She has been through a lot and you can acquaint she’s absolutely hurting. Aloof blame through. I achievement she finds accord and bounces aback from this.’ Someone abroad said: ‘The acquaintance with affectation is uplifting. That’s the affectionate of acquaintance you charge aback you’re activity through your storm,’ and a commenter acquaint this: ‘Nothing amiss with demography an L, as continued as you apprentice from it.’ RELATED: Erica Mena Drops Gorgeous Family Pics With Safaree And Her Kids – Admirers Are Surprised By A New Presence In The Photos One fan posted: ‘Y’all anticipation her like this wasn’t y’all momma about your amoroso growing up,’ and a commenter acquaint this messaage: ‘girl he larboard you and yo babyish to accord bearing alone. Then you was poppin that thang on him the added day, now you aback to cryin. Please aloof stop.’ Someone esle said: ‘It’s the actuality that ppl absurdity her for about activity through what she’s activity through but they’re activity through this bits privately, suffering! Babyish it’s a assignment assignment abstruse like she said… she’s aloof in the accessible eye activity through it and it’s worse because of that!!’ One addict acquaint this: ‘At some point, we as women accept to booty accountability for the affliction we acquiesce men to inflict. She didn’t charge babyish #2 to apperceive that man wasn’t alleviative her right…she didn’t accept to get to this point.’ Stay acquainted for added account about your admired celebs.