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Solo Leveling – 5 Things To Look Forward To

Whether it’s the presence of an underdog protagonist or unparalleled action sequences – the Manhwa, Solo Leveling, has already become a modern classic. And, as a fan, I literally can’t wait to see how A-1 Pictures present it to the audience. 

But, before we get to that hubble-bubble, let us boost the hype a little more to learn a little bit more about the Manhwa. And, what we should expect from the anime.

Spoiler Alert – it’s going to be a fun ride. So, take a sip in your cup of coffee, lean a little on your bed or sofa, and get to reading!

Solo Leveling – What You Should Be Waiting For!

Before I get to the point, here’s a little information for my “looking for freebies” readers. The anime of Solo Leveling will release in 2023 on Crunchyroll, which is a paid platform. So, if you want to watch the series there, you have to subscribe to their official website.

However, if you’re otherwise a patient person, you’ll be able to download the free version of it on the pirate bay. Don’t forget to use a VPN, though – just to be safe, you know.

5. The Immersive Dystopian World Of Solo Leveling.

Yes, Solo Leveling is, indeed, based in a realistic world of Korea (and some more). However, it creates a dystopian version of the country and the world as we know it. 

For example, you’ll be introduced to a new group of humans (known as “hunters”) right off the bat. And, they can be seen fighting magical monsters in magical areas called gates.

Yes, I know – it doesn’t sound realistic at all. But, the immersive world it creates is definitely something worth experiencing. I hope A-1 Pictures does justice to that.

4. A Classic Shonen Protagonist With… Something Extra.

Like any other Shonen classic, Solo Leveling comes with a weak protagonist too. However, his journey to become the most powerful of them all is something I’d call “glorious.”

Spoiler Alert (no, seriously!).

The main storyline of Solo Leveling follows a low-level E-rank hunter, Jinwoo Sung, who is… well, weak. He can’t even kill a goblin alone (an E-rank, low-class monster).

Most people consider him to be the weakest hunter that was ever born.

But, one day, he falls in a surprise double-gate, ends up almost dying, and wakes up in a care center with something odd. A game-like system guiding him and helping to become stronger.

The more monsters Jinwoo kills, the higher his level gets, and the stronger he grows. Yes, at a point, he becomes OP, but his growth is something I’d love to experience again in the anime.

3. An Isekai With A Not-So-Isekai Like Plot.

Solo Leveling can, indeed, be called an Isekai of some sort. After all, it follows the same line of the weak protagonist dying and becoming a god-like entity in another world.

But, the difference is, Solo Leveling doesn’t get to “another universe” at all. It starts in Korea and ends in the same world as well. However, the Isekai element comes with the system.

It’s almost like an RPG game where you kill a monster, level up, boost your power, sleep, and repeat. And, the funny thing is – no one can see the system window like Jinwoo.

Weird, right? 

Well, it’s kind of an Isekai, so what else do you expect?

2. The Fighting Sequences (Oh Yes!).

The plot of Solo Leveling is definitely something worth being animated. But, what I’m more excited for is the god-like fighting sequences the Manhwa boasts.

If I’m being honest, the art style of Manhwa is probably the best out there. It looks extremely lively and almost feels like you’re reading an animated show. Kudos to the REDICE Studio!

And, I’m absolutely stoked to see how that experience will turn out when I see Jinwoo going against an S-class monster. A-1 Pictures, although not like Ufotable, are good at animating or directing the fighting scenes. 

But, the studio is also known for messing up the pacing of their shows. So, I really hope that they’ll up their game while animating something as visually-brilliant as Solo Leveling!

1. The Minions Of Jinwoo.

Jinwoo, being an assassin and all, excels quite amazingly when it comes to fighting enemies. But, for me, I really want to see his interaction with Beru and Co.

I’m not going to talk too much about them, though, as I’ve already spoiled you a lot. But, let me tell you one thing – they’re quite hilarious and worth listening to.

So, What’s Your Say?

No Matter how you look at it, Solo Leveling has the potential to be a modern masterpiece. I mean, yes, it doesn’t have a convoluted plotline like Attack On Titan, but the charm is there.

And, if A-1 Pictures doesn’t mess up, I’m pretty sure the animation series will become much more famous than the Manhwa. So, here’s to hoping – cheers!

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